Adah Sharma Movies: Bollywood Offering Huge Movies To Kerala Story Actress

Adah Sharma Movies

Adah Sharma Movies: The Kerala Story has been one of the highest grossing movies of the year. It has made more than Rs 241 crores at the global box office. Lead actress Adah Sharma is on cloud nine. She told Bollywood Life, “I have a number of good projects coming my way. It is nice to have a choice to pick from. I am very excited to do more work that will entertain the audience.” There was a lot of flak around The Kerala Story with people slamming it as propaganda. 

Adah Sharma says, “There was confusion before the film. In the movie, we spoke about radicalised group of terrorists. People who had misconceptions it got cleared if they watched the film but the other group did not watch it, and maintained that it was a prejudiced film. That is the beauty of freedom of speech. We do not live in a dictatorship. I cannot tell people to watch the film.” The actress says that she is happy that audience chose to support the film despite some famous people tweeting against it. She says, “This is the whole thing of living in Bharat. There is freedom of speech.”

Does Adah Sharma worry about the people who gives her the tag of right wing? “See, once people saw The Kerala Story they realized it did not have any political leanings. It is the life of four girls who have zero political affiliations. They enter college and get into the web. We have shows like this even on Netflix, Caliphate. I believe no Indian stands for terrorism. Terror has no religion. The girls in the film fall in love and go down a dangerous path. There is no right wing or left in this.”

The actress believes that OTT has changed the game for people. She opines, “I feel this is the best time to stand out. It is not just about the cinema halls and four to five big films. OTT has given chances to people from all parts of the industry. From actors, writers, technicians and directors people are shining. I feel mediocrity will always exist. But OTT has created space for excellence and it is thriving. This should worry mediocrity.” The actress says the team of The Kerala Story was new, and the budget was tight. They could not promote on a wide scale. “The public support feels so magical,” she says.

Bollywood Life also asked Adah Sharma that did she feel disheartened that no big star or producer congratulated her or the team on social media. She says, “No, I feel a lot of people from the industry messaged me personally. They reached out to talk to me or texted me. In fact, this big filmmaker was discussing every detail of my performance. It felt so amazing. I put him on speaker so my mom could hear it too. I was touched. I cannot force people to tweet for me on social media.” Adah Sharma also said that silence of the people after watching the movie means a lot as well. “It is not a joyful film. It is dark and one might like to stay silent after watching it. That is also an emotion,” she says.


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