American Horror Story Season 12 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian impresses co-star Zachary Quinto on ‘AHS’ as He Confirms His Own Guest Cameo

American Horror Story Season 12 Kim Kardashian

Zachary Quinto recently confirmed playing a pivotal role in American Horror Story Season 12, and opened up about sharing the screen with Kim Kardashian, the popular TV star. 

American Horror Story Season 12 Kim Kardashian, the famous reality TV star is set to make her enter the world of fictional series with the highly anticipated American Horror Story Season 12. As reported earlier, the American socialite is teaming up with renowned Hollywood star Emma Roberts, who is returning to AHS after a break, to play a key role in the series. However, The Kardashian star’s inclusion in the star cast is not taken well by the fans of the show, who think she is miscast.

Zachary Quinto opens up about working with Kim Kardashian

American Horror Story Season 12 Kim Kardashian

At the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of his new film He Went That Way — which he stars in alongside Jacob Elordi — the actor confirmed that he would be making a guest cameo in season 12.

He also revealed that he met AHS newcomer Kim Kardashian, who is set to star in the new season, and was “really impressed” by her acting chops.

“I did a cameo on this season of American Horror Story and I got to meet her,” Quinto, 46, shared with reporters, including PEOPLE. “She was so lovely and warm and, really, I don’t think she needs my advice.”

“She seemed really in her element, and I was really impressed by her spirit and her openness,” the Star Trek actor added. “I really look forward to seeing this season because I think she’s gonna do a wonderful job.”

About AHS Season 12

American Horror Story Season 12 Kim Kardashian

As reported earlier, the upcoming 12th season of American Horror Story has been titled, Delicate. The season is reportedly based on Danielle Valentine’s yet-to-be-released thriller novel, which has been titled Delicate Condition. “It is a gripping thriller that follows a woman convinced that a sinister figure is going to great lengths to make sure her pregnancy never happens. The men in her life, however, refuse to believe a word she says,” reads the official synopsis of the novel, published on Amazon.

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