Arun Govil on Adipurush

Arun Govil on not liking the Adipurush, calls it a ‘Hollywood ki cartoon film.’

Arun Govil on Adipurush

Arun Govil on Adipurush: Veteran actor Arun Govil, known for his portrayal of Lord Rama in Ramanand Sagar’s classic television adaptation of the Ramayana, has expressed his disapproval of the fundamental changes that has been made to the epic story in director Om Raut’s newly-released film Adipurush.

‘The audience has given its verdict,’ he said in a latest interview, and added that ‘I am bothered by the clips that I have seen of the film on social media.’

The actor clarified that he hasn’t yet seen the film itself, but stated that discussing modernity and mythology in the context of Ramayanais not right. He highlighted the importance of presenting the characters accurately, and in an interview with ABP, he said that ‘it is not done’ to turn the Ramayana into a ‘Hollywood ki cartoon film’.

The actor also said that after the first teaser of the film came out, he had talked to the makers. The makers sought his opinion and he also gave advice, which he does not want to discuss now. Expressing regret, the actor said – I do not understand what the makers were thinking of making this film. He also said that it is not the fault of the actors because their characters and looks are decided by the makers.

Prabhas, Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan’s film ‘Adipurush’ released on June 16 and with this it is raining reactions of the people. People are keeping their different views about the film on social media. While some people have liked the film a lot, many people have objections to its visuals and dialogues.

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