Bigg Boss OTT: Show Is Being Extended For 2 Weeks

Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss OTT: The ongoing reality show Bigg Boss OTT 2 has been extended for another 15 days and show host Salman Khan confirmed the development on the latest episode of the show.

Salman told the contestants in the house that the show is getting extended for 2 more weeks. Salman stated, “Even though the house has been low and the Janta is still loving everyone in the house and I would like to say that the show is getting a two weeks extension.” Everyone gets excited and thanks the audience for the extensions. Salman also asked the contestants to get more proactive in the show as the audience are watching them.

Apart from the big news, the Weekend Ka Vaar episode was quite a disappointing affair. Salman Khan schooled Falaq Naaz and Avinash Sachdev for playing safe in the game and also advised Bebika Dhurve for moving on from the Jad Hadid issue. He also invited Falaq’s sister, actor Shafaq Naaz, who tried to boost her sister’s confidence and asked her to be herself and play the game with full fervour.

However, the biggest shocker came with comedian-host Cyrus Broacha pleading with Salman and the Bigg Boss team to evict him from the show. The TV host shared that he has not been getting any sleep and with a scarcity of food, his health is getting affected. He shared that his diabetes is now borderline, leaving him worried. The Bigg Boss OTT 2 host tried to calm him down and even got Cyrus’ friend Kunal Vijaykar to join him on stage to convince Cyrus to stay. As he kept on pressing on leaving and even told Salman that he will touch his feet, the latter reminded him how he would have to pay a hefty penalty if he leaves the show voluntarily. That eventually made Cyrus stop cribbing and he decided to stay in the show.

Salman’s advice to contestants after show’s extension

Salman further said, “Now, it is your responsibility to ensure that people love it even more, watch it even more. Each one of you needs to work on your own selves, not someone else. This is the best thing about our industry – you just need to work on yourself. Your hair, your clothes, your intellect, your body, your makeup….You are only working on your own self. In no other business, industry or any form of work do you get to work on yourself. But we take these things for granted.”

Salman also shared some advice for people working in the showbiz industry. “We get a hit film, we start looking like sh**. A film does not work and we get depressed. In both scenarios, we need to work harder. If you get a hit film, work harder…if it is a flop, work harder. It is the hardest thing to work harder but you need to.”


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