Bigg Boss OTT Salman Slams Jad Hadid

Salman Khan Slams Jad Hadid Over Showing B*tt To Bebika

Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss OTT: Bigg Boss OTT 2 has stood up to be another name for ‘drama’ and ‘controversy’, as the show has crossed its limits since its commencement on June 17. From contestants showing their b*tts to each other, to openly exchanging smooches, the Salman Khan-hosted show has become a drama house.

Salman Khan has reacted strongly to the two incidents, involving Jad Hadid inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house, during the Weekend ka Vaar episode. The actor, who currently hosts the show, spoke about the kiss between Jad and Akanksha Puri. He also angrily talked about Jad showing his behind to Bebika Dhurve.

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, Salman Khan lashed out at Jad Hadid and said, “Try this in Abu Dhabi, try this in the GCC belt, try this in Saudi Arabia.” Jad Hadid next replied, “Sir it was a mistake. I admit it.” Salman Khan however continued and said, “When did you say it was a mistake? Right now?” Jad Hadid then added, “No no no. I said it straight away but Bebika wasn’t in a mood that I could approach her.”

Salman Khan then told Hadid that India is a conservative but forgiving country. He said, “A lot of people may not find anything wrong with what you did. But a lot of people may find it offensive. It (India) is a very conservative country. … It’s also a very forgiving country. We all have been forgiven by the people of this country a million times. And you? They loved you. The way you were, even though they did not understand the language, they loved you, they loved Abdu (Rozik)… till these two incidences. Leave aside the kiss incident, this is the bummer.”

Jad Hadid quickly apologised and said, “I take full blame. I apologise to you, to India, to every member of this house. I am extremely sorry, what I did was unforgivable and it was a huge mistake. And I swear to my daughter’s life, I am extremely sorry.”

Salman asked him, “You have a daughter?” Jad kept silent and Salman asked him again, “How old is she?” Jad responded, “Four and a half.” The actor added, “Then you understand what I am saying to you. For her, you shouldn’t have done this.” A Lebanese model living in Dubai, Jad is a divorcee and has a young daughter Cattleya Hadid.

Salman also warned Jad and Akanksha Puri saying the show was not meant for such stunts and if they have to indulge in such activities, they should find another show. The show host also looked upset with Bebika Dhurve, telling her that the way she provokes and pokes everyone was very irritating.

Earlier on the show, Jiya Shankar and Jad Hadid were seen cleaning the dishes in the kitchen, when Bebika started screaming. Jad then said that he wishes not to speak with Bebika. After moments the two started an intense fight with Jad Hadid showing his butt to Bebika. However, the clip was edited out from the final cut, but Salman Khan showed it to the contestants and made Jad Hadid understand that it is wrong.

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