Hugh Jackman Wolverine Deadpool 3: New Updates

Deadpool 3: Everything we know so far about the MCU’s latest franchise

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman is back as a Wolverine in Deadpool 3. No one expected this surprising announcement, the X-Men alumni is teaming up with Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson for the upcoming threequel.

Deadpool 3 Cast

Deadpool 3 has already confirmed eight actors who will reprise their roles from the franchise’s last entry, along with Hugh Jackman finally reprising his role as Wolverine to team up with Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson. Those actors going to be:

1) Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool,
2) Hugh Jackman – Wolverine,
3) Stefan Kapicic – Colossus,
4) Brianna Hildebrand – Negasonic Teenage
5) Shioli Kutsuna – Yukio, Rob Delaney – Peter,
6) Morena Baccarin – Vanessa,
7) Karan Soni – Dopinder,
8) Leslie Uggams – Blind Al

& There are the rumours that Emma Corrin who played the role in The Crown series is playing the role of lead villain in Deadpool 3.

Deadpool 3 Release Date

Movie initially was going to release in September 2024 but now makers postponed the release date and now movie got the new release date which is November 8, 2024. This is going to be the last MCU movie of the 2024, with it set to follow the releases of Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts, and Blade.

Deadpool 3 Plot Details

According to Ryan Reynolds the Deadpool 3 plot will focus on a road trip following Deadpool and Logan. However, that’s still very vague, and there’s bound to be lots more the Deadpool 3 plot, including potential time-travel and/or multiverse shenanigans.

This Deadpool 3 plot speculation is supported by the reported inclusion of Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius, who is a TVA agent responsible for tracking down disruptions to the timeline, as with Loki. Perhaps we could see Deadpool preventing Wolverine’s death in Logan, in order to recruit Wolverine’s help in his own timeline.

Are you excited for Deadpool 3, tell us what you are most excited for?

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