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Jennifer Lawrence says she is scared to work with method actor

Jenifer Lawrence Hot

Jenifer Lawrence Hot: Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most beloved Hollywood actresses who quickly became a fan favorite with her acting skills and quirky personality.

Throughout her career, she has worked with some of the well-known names in the industry like Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale. The Hunger Games actress therefore has plenty of experience working with different types of actors with their own technique.

Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence says she is “scared” of working with somebody who is a method actor. During an appearance on the talk show “Hot Ones”, the actor said: “I would be scared to work with somebody who’s Method because I would have no idea how to talk to them. Like, do I have to be in character?”

“That would just make me nervous. But I haven’t seen another process that I’ve been curious about, because you don’t really know about them all the time,” she added.

Jenifer Lawrence Hot

Lawrence has teamed with Christian Bale, known for his method approach, on David O. Russell’s “American Hustle”. The actor said while working on the film she tried to understand how Bale prepared before the shot.

“I had always been very on/off, on/off until I did ‘American Hustle’ when I worked with Christian Bale and I noticed when the camera started rolling and the crew kind of started preparing like it was going to be 10 seconds or whatever until action, he would start getting ready. And then I saw that and I was like, ‘That seems like a really good idea.’ And then I started to do that,” she recalled.

Jennifer Lawrence’s roles in movies like X-Men, Dark Phoenix, Dumb and Dumber, American Hustle, and more have earned her quite fame and popularity. Her raunchy comedy movie, No Hard Feelings is all set to hit theaters on June 23, 2023.


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