Review of Extraction 2

Extraction 2 Movie Review: Chris Hemsworth’s Adrenaline Fueled Action Film

Review of Extraction 2

Review of Extraction 2:

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Extraction 2, a direct continuation of the events of part one, Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is sent on a new mission to rescue Ketevan, his ex-wife’s sister and her two childrens. Will Rake successfully complete this dangerous mission?


Chris Hemsworth delivers once again what he is known for. He is terrific in action sequences, effortlessly pulling off different styles of stunts. He looks all bloody and sweaty but gives a vibe of breaking no sweat while doing all that.

Apart from the usual action, some fun and emotional bits are also incorporated into the part. Chris Hemsworth does them with ease as well. Given the ending, it looks like Extraction 2 won’t be the end of all the action and fun for the star.

The strength of these movies has always been being down in the mud, streets and dirt, with the sound of spent cartridges pinging off concrete. These characters sweat and they bruise, even if many look fabulous in sunglasses.

The baddies here are similar to the first installment — a pair of powerful, scarred brothers who run heroin and guns in Georgia and are quiet-talking psychopaths, the kind who whisper a metaphor and then plunge a rake into your throat.

We learn a bit more about Rake and even meet members of his extended family, but he remains a one-note emotionally suppressed man. One knock on the franchise is that it hasn’t been able to take advantage of Hemsworth’s humor, like Marvel has done with his Thor.

“Extraction 2,” a Netflix release that released on this Friday(16 June), is rated R for “strong, bloody violence throughout and language.”



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