Secret Invasion Timeline Revealed

Marvel sets official timeline placement for Secret Invasion in the MCU

Secret Invasion Timeline

Secret Invasion Timeline: Marvel just confirmed exactly when the MCU’s next Disney+ series, Secret Invasion, fits into the overarching Marvel Studios timeline.

Samuel L. Jackson will make his grand return to the MCU as Nick Fury in his first Multiverse Saga appearance with Secret Invasion, which will also be his first time headlining an MCU project as a rogue group of Skrulls looks to infiltrate Earth.


The timeline positioning of Secret Invasion within the expansive MCU was established during a press conference held by Marvel Studios. Jonathan Schwartz, the VP of Production & Development at Marvel Studios, explicitly affirmed this matter.

Schwartz stated that the series would unfold in the “present-day MCU,” following The Blip and the series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, thus situating it as the most contemporary addition to both the real-world and in-universe timelines:

“It’s present-day MCU, is what we’re calling it. So it exists along the timeline that the shows come out in. So, post-‘She-Hulk,’ post-Blip, right at this exact present day in the MCU. I think that’s all I can say,” Schwartz said.

Disney+’s She-Hulk is confirmed to conclude in early 2025 within the MCU chronology, indicating that Secret Invasion will occur in the same year.

It’s also been confirmed to take place before The Marvels, with the show serving as a lead-in for Captain Marvel’s second solo adventure, indicating the MCU’s next movie will also be the latest yet in the franchise timeline.

Given this context, it’s hardly surprising that Secret Invasion is the most current entry in the MCU timeline, taking us back to Earth for the first time in any MCU initiative this year.

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