The Flash First Day Collection

‘The Flash’ emerges the 6th biggest openers of 2023 at Indian box office, collects ₹4.15 crore on day 1

The Flash First Day Box Collection

The Flash First Day Collection: The Flash has had an ordinary opening day in India and with a juggernaut like Adipurush competing from today, things look very bleak for this Ezra Miller starrer.

The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, had a modest opening day at the box office in India, collecting approximately 4.15 crore nett. As a Thursday release, the film missed out on the usual Friday boost that films tend to receive after a couple of holidays. While the film was fortunate to get no competition on its first day in India, it will be competing with a juggernaut like Adipurush from its second day. In all likelihood, there may be a drop in collections on day 2 and then the film will hope to match its opening day numbers on Saturday and Sunday.

The Flash has had a soft start, and its opening weekend is projected to be below 150 million dollars worldwide. According to Pinkvilla, it is expected that over 50 percent of its earnings, approximately 75 million dollars, will come from outside the USA and Canada. The domestic competition for the film is fierce with a lot of competing releases fighting for screens and audiences. The Flash will be the biggest box office earner for the week but that was never that big a deal with Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse and The Little Mermaid in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th week respectively. The four films alone may ensure a weekend of around or over 150 million dollars in the home market.

Following Are The Top Hollywood Film Openers Of 2023 In India (Nett)

  1. Fast X : Rs 12.50 crores
  2. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania : Rs 8.50 crores
  3. Guardians Of The Galaxy: Volume 3 : Rs 6.75 crores
  4. John Wick: Chapter 4 : Rs 6.50 crores
  5. Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse : Rs 4.20 crores
  6. The Flash : Rs 4.15 crores
  7. Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts : Rs 4 crores

The Flash’s opening is higher than Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts, but the Transformers franchise has not been as significant in India, and the film’s numbers exceeded the trade’s expectations. Conversely, expectations were higher for The Flash. Fast X retains the number one position, while Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3, and John Wick: Chapter 4 claim the second, third, and fourth spots, respectively, in terms of the nett opening of Hollywood films in India.

However, the opening of The Flash in India falls short of expectations when compared to Spider-Man: Across The Spiderverse, despite the latter being an animated film, which typically receives lesser support from Indian moviegoers. Although there were initial indications that The Flash might have a stronger opening than the web-slinger based on advance bookings, the actual on-the-day movement was relatively slower.

The Flash makers released lots of teasers and created lots of hype by showing the elements like time travel, multiverse, two batmans, superwoman, and two flash from different dimensions but seems like the movie failed to creates it’s hype particularly in India. From Friday Adipurush will release in theaters and this movie will be the biggest competitor for The Flash in India. Now the time will tell how much money The Flash will make at India Box Office.

The Flash Day 1 English (2D) Occupancy in Theaters

Morning Shows: 14.19%

Afternoon Shows: 13.40%

Evening Shows: 15.61%

Night Shows: 25.11%


The Flash Day 1 English (IMAX 2D) Occupancy in Theaters

Morning Shows: 35.36%

Afternoon Shows: 26.00%

Evening Shows: 32.89%

Night Shows: 49.32%


The Flash Day 1 English (4DX) Occupancy in Theaters

Morning Shows: 38.59%

Afternoon Shows: 35.75%

Evening Shows: 42.38%

Night Shows: 48.59%


The Flash Day 1 Hindi (2D) Occupancy in Theaters

Morning Shows: 10.46%

Afternoon Shows: 11.18%

Evening Shows: 11.05%

Night Shows: 12.05%


The Flash Day 1 Telugu (2D) Occupancy in Theaters

Morning Shows: 14.57%

Afternoon Shows: 17.00%

Evening Shows: 12.97%

Night Shows: 17.77%


The Flash Day 1 Tamil (2D) Occupancy in Theaters

Morning Shows: 12.07%

Afternoon Shows: 19.09%

Evening Shows: 15.97%

Night Shows: 22.96%


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