Tom Holland Gay S*x Scene

Tom Holland trends on Twitter for gay s*x scene from The Crowded Room

Tom Holland Gay

Tom Holland Gay: A clip of Tom Holland from his new series The Crowded Room is going viral on Twitter. The actor is trending with more than 96,000 tweets mentioning him and a sex scene that he performed with another male actor. Of course, his fans are going wild after seeing their favourite Spider-Man in a never-before-seen avatar.

Tom is facing homophobic backlash over his steamy sex sequence in The Crowded Room episode 8. Tweets like “Not my Spider-Man” and name-dropping the actor’s reel and real-life partner Zendaya through meme imageries are being circulated on Twitter.

The Apple TV series The Crowded Room is inspired by the story of Billy Milligan, the first person acquitted of a crime due to dissociative identity disorder. The Apple TV series also stars Amanda Seyfried, Emmy Rossum, and Sasha Lane. It follows Tom’s character who is arrested following a shooting at Rockefeller in 1979.

The clip shows Tom’s Danny surfing through a gay club in a black blouse and pants, with his eyes doused in kohl. After sharing the dance floor with a man, they hit the toilet for some steamy s*x. Another clip shows him dancing in a room while high on dr*gs and then engaging in oral s*x with the same man.

Clearly, it has all been too much for his fans to handle. Most are also worried about his girlfriend Zendaya, making memes and jokes about her reaction to the scene. Check them out:


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